Part Five: In Dreams
by Daizy

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Dawson could feel his eyelids weighing down. He glanced at the clock. Almost 2. He sighed. Only 15 minutes until the movie ended and then he could drift off, like Joey. It was the first time she'd slept over since he'd come home. She'd fallen asleep about an hour ago and now she lay close beside him, a smile on her face. He was curious about the smile. When Joey's mother died, she'd had a streak of incredibly real dreams and horrifying nightmares. During that time, he'd seen her do a lot of weird things in her sleep, and he'd been there to comfort her when she woke up screaming. But it had been a long time since she'd smiled in her sleep.

She rolled closer to him, she was right up against him now. And she draped her arm across his chest. She let out a soft contented sigh. Dawson grinned, confused though he was. Joey was dreaming about him? It was possible. He had to admit, it was nice having her lay next to him like she used to. He put his arm around her and smoothed her hair. She responded, moving into his embrace and humming with pleasure.

Dawson's smile widened. Could it be? Would she wake up, glad to be in his arms? He watched her breathe for a while. He let his eyes close, perfectly happy with humanity and the world and life and even being a teenager, if Joey could be in his arms.

"Pacey," Joey said, her voice seeping with desire.

Dawson's eyes flew open. Pacey?!

"Pacey?!" he replied.

She sighed again, still smiling.


He caught Joey before homeroom Monday morning.

"Hey, Jo."


"So, how're things?"


"You been up to anything lately?"

"Dawson, you know everything about my life, what are you asking for?"

"What's wrong? You're usually a walking fountain of knowledge brimming with multi-syllabic words that they don't even have on the SAT."

"Nothing. I'm fine."


"You know, I had the weirdest dream the other night. It was movie night, except Andie was there instead of you and Jack, too. It was really strange. I came out of my room and I was in their house, except it wasn't their house since I"ve never even been to their house. It was weird. What about you? Any interesting dreams?"

Uh--no, I don't recall any."

"You can't remember *any*?"

"No, why? What's up with you?"


"So, how's the new script going," Joey asked, anxious to change the subject.

"Not too great. I have major writer's block. I don't know if I can write a comedy. I don't think I'm funny enough. But I don't know what other genre I can turn to. I've already done horror and drama and romance. I can't make an action or sci-fi or fantasy because my budget is too low. I'm stuck."

"Hmmm...I'll think about it, see if I can help you brainstorm."

"Thanks, Jo."

As they walked to class, Dawson spotted Jen.

"Hey, Jen, where's your roommate?"

"Probably hanging out with everyone's favorite actress, Molly."

"I sense a little hostility towards a certain perky redhead," Joey commented.

"Well, she and Jack are out till all hours every night. I never even see him anymore. I'm getting really sick of it."

"I'm sure he doesn't mean to, Jen," Dawson said.

"Thanks for accentuating the positive, Dawson, but it doesn't help any."

"Just talk to him, I'm sure you'll figure something out," he encouraged.

"Hello everyone!"

Dawson knew immediately who it was before she even sat down at the table. He saw the look on Jen's face. It had to be Molly. He was sure Jen had been hoping Molly wouldn't sit with them today at lunch since Jack wasn't there. He was working on a project with one of his teachers.

Dawson decided to continue the conversation they'd been having before Molly showed up.

"So, anyway, despite the obvious awkwardness and Miss Kennedy's bitterness about my dad dumping her, she agreed to let me be a TA for her film class. So now my schedule is complete. Although the weird thing is, we don't have a single class together, Joey."

"That is really strange," she replied. "We were always in the same class in elementary school. And I thought I'd be with you in Miss Kennedy's film class, but now they have two sections. Instead, I'm stuck in there with the most articulate idiot around."

"I assume you're referring to me," Pacey replied.

"Of course. And to make things worse, we also have Chem and History together."

"And you, Joey Potter, are going down! Pacey Witter is going to get higher grades than you in all three classes."

"Yea, I'll believe that when I see it," she remarked cynically.

"Excuse me, Josephine, I am a very intelligent guy."

"So that stupid screw-up thing was all an act?"

"I was afraid to show my true colors," Pacey replied, "since people like you always manage to tear me down instead of building me up."

"I think you've been watching too much Leeza," Joey said.

"Joey, why can't you support me? Why can't you be like, well, Dawson. He's supportive."

"Well, you forgot one small detail. I'm not your friend," Joey said.

"Ouch," said Molly from across the table.

"Don't worry," Dawon said to her, "they're always like this."

But he wasn't sure.

"Oh, did you get a load of Mrs. Garner's outfit today? She needs to go back to the 70's where she belongs," Joey laughed.

"Did you catch how she said the words 'groovy' and 'psychedelic' while explaining atomic structure?" Pacey added.

Were they always like this? Somehow, it didn't seem like it to Dawson. Could it be possible? Did Joey really like Pacey? And was it possible that he like her back?

"So, I come home from Philadelphia to find that Dad is totally gung-ho with his aquatic restaurant. He wants to open in a month," Dawson said.

"Yea, he went to Bessie for advice a lot. I guess she's going to help him out once they start. She'll oversee the kitchen. And she was gonna give me a job there. Jack too," Joey said.

"Now he's never home. He's either at school or he's down at the restaurant getting things ready. When he is home, he's a complete nervous wreck."

Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen all walked home from school.

"So, Pacey, remind me again why we aren't driving?"asked Dawson.

"Sheriff Witter has turned into the most responsible parent in Capeside. No more borrowing squad cars. No car until I make enough money. I don't see you sporting any fancy wheels, D."

"Well, internships don't really pay so I'm a little short in the finance department." The turn to Dawson and Jen's houses arrived and the group went their seperate ways. Dawson watched jealously as Pacey and Joey walked away.

"Jen, have you noticed anything unusual between Joey and Pacey?"

"Joey and Pacey? No, I can't say that I have. Are you *jealous*?"

"No, I--well, okay, maybe part of me is considering being jealous. But I have reason to believe Joey likes him."

"So the plot in Dawson's perpetually complicated life is thickening?"

"You could say that. I'm thinking of using the 'My Best Friend's Wedding' trick, trying to make her jealous."

"Hey, I'm always up for revenge."

"You don't think I'm being overreactive?"

"Things used to be that the victim took justice into his own hands instead of using government mediation. Take things into your own hands. Make things happen."

"Thanks, Jen. Somehow you always succeed in motivating me to do things very against my nature."

"What can I say? It's a gift."

"So you think me going out with some other girl would catch Joey's attention?"

"Of course. You two are close. She'll definitely notice."

"However, it didn't work with you and the Mary-Beth incident."

"I am not easily swayed. Anyway, you're probably not going to change her mind either, but at least you'll know how she feels."

"Here's a plan: pacey, Joey and I are having a study session tonight for film class. I can invite Molly over to join us."

Jen smiled. "There's a thought. They get out of rehearsal at 6. You could run into her and ask her over."

"You don't think I'm using Molly, am I? Because last time I felt like a complete jerk with the way I treated Mary-Beth."

"No, of course not. This isn't even a date. You'll just flirt a little. Flirting never hurt anybody."

"Okay, I'm gonna get right to work."

"Good luck, Dawson. I hope you get her back."


The hallways were empty as Dawson hurriedly made his way to the auditorium. He wanted to make sure he caught Molly before rehearsal was over. He saw her sitting against the wall in the hall adjoining the stage.

"Molly, hey," he acted nonchalant and casual.

"Oh, hi Dawson."

"Hey, aren't you in film class 6th period?"

"Yea, how'd you know?"

"I'm Miss Kennedy's TA. I grade papers. I see lots of names."


"Um, y'know, me and Pacey and Joey were going to have a homework session for this week's assignment. You're welcome to come join us."

"Oh. Well, I was going to go out with Jack, but I haven't even looked at that assignment yet so I could probably use the help. When is it?"

"7. My house. I live next door to Jack and Jen. Big white house. Shutters. Ladder."

"Great. I'll see you at 7."

Dawson walked away with a smile.

"Hey, Dawson."

"Hey, Jo."

She climbed through the window and threw herself on the bed.

"Long day?" he asked.

"You could say that. I've got a lot on my mind."

Dawson became suddenly attentive.

"Like what?"

"I dunno. Just stuff. School, home, what I'm going to write this essay about."

"Oh. Nothing else?"

"What is up with you, Dawson? You've been so inquisitive lately."

"Nothing. I just want you to be able to open up to me like you used to."

"I do. I trust you. I just don't have anything terribly interesting or even slightly stimulating to tell you."

"Joey, that's because there's nothing at all that's interesting or stimulating about you," remarked Pacey as he entered the room.

Joey smirked. "As I recall, there was a time when you found me extremely stimulating."

"Yes, but once I recovered from my delusional hallucinations, I came to my senses."

"Okay," Dawson said, stepping between them, "let's keep the sparring to a minimum, please."

"Yes, oh supreme teacher's assistant," said Pacey.

Joey laughed.

"Hi everyone," Molly called from the doorway. "Dawson, your dad told me to go on up. I hope that's okay."

"Aw, man, how'd you manage to get my two worst enemies in one room? This is fun," Pacey said.

"Yea, I love you too," Molly replied sarcastically.

Jack didn't notice Jen staring angrily at him as he walked in the door.

"You're home. And it's not even 11 yet. Amazing," she said.

"Well, Molly went to a study session so we decided to put things off until tomorrow."

"You know, Jack, if I didn't know for sure that you're a single white male in search of a single male who enjoys long walks on the beach and the theater, I'd think you and Molly were a couple or something."

"Why would you think that?"

"Because you go out together every night. You stay out late. She's the only person you ever pay any attention to during school. I keep waiting to see some pda between the two of you."

"Jen, that's stupid. You know me and Molly are just friends."

"That's all it takes, Jack. Was I that expendable? One new friend enters your life and suddenly I get pushed aside."


"No, I think I have a right to your friendship. I stayed by you this whole summer. I listened to you when you were upset. Late at night, I'd let you cry on my shoulder. I thought we were close. I guess not."

"Jen, be reasonable. Molly is only a friend. She's helping me out right now."

"Yea, while I sit here waiting for you to come home."

"Jen, why do you have to be like this? You get so defensive and pummel me with accusations before I can get a word in edgewise. By the time I can say anything, you've already made me the bad guy."

"Yea, well maybe that's because you are."

Jen turned and walked away.

Dawson sat on the bed and instructed the three others.

"Okay, so your assignment is to argue for a film that wasn't included in the AFI's top 100 list."

They were silent.

"C'mon, get comfortable. Throw some ideas out. Brainstorm. C'mere, Molly what do you think?"

She sat on the bed next to Dawson.

"Y'know, I was really surprised not to see 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' on the list. It's an American classic. Holly Golightly, the free spirit hiding secrets from her past. It's a superb film. Very defining of our country's cinematic history."

"What about you, Jo?"

Joey stood dumbfounded. She was staring at Molly, who sat in her spot on Dawson's bed. Joey's spot. She always sat there. This other girl had no right to it. And Dawson didn't even notice, didn't even care. She regained her composure.

"Jo? Any thoughts?"

"Oh. Uh--well, what about the major epics? Like 'Spartacus' or 'Cleopatra?' I'd much rather see one of those on the list than 'Fargo' or 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.'"

"Now Jo," Pacey rebutted, "don't assume the modern classics aren't as timeless as these so-called 'epics.' Dawson, we have to argue for a movie that's on this list of the 400 movies they voted on, right?"


"I will be arguing to put 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' on the top 100," Pacey said proudly.

"Oh, please," Joey said.

"That's not on there," said Molly, snatching the list from him.

"I beg to differ," Pacey said.

"While Molly stood next to him, Joey inconspicuously took her seat on Dawson's bed. She smiled in relief.

"Pacey, you can't possibly write your essay on 'Ferris Bueller.'"

"Actually, Molly, I think the list has a major fault in that there is no defining teenage film present. 'Ferris Bueller' has inspired all teens who have seen it to find joy in cutting loose and cutting class. Ferris is an icon. He's a symbol. The ultimate escape-artist. A slacker if ever there was one. He's easy going and carefree, dealing with any crisis that presents itself."

"So he's a cross between Houdini, Bart Simpson and the Bluebird of Happiness. You're full of it."

"You know," Dawson interjected, "I think he has a legitimate point--"

"C'mon, Molly, it's satire," Pacey cried. "It's a tongue-in-cheek view on society and it's attitude towards high school students."

"Oh please, it's no more than a feeble attempt to cash in on the teen audience that gets off on stupid jokes."

"Admit it, you like 'Ferris Bueller.'"


"Admit it, Molly."

She glared at him.

"Fine. I like it."


The two of them continued to argue. Joey leaned in towards Dawson and said in a low voice, "Aren't we the resident critics or have we just been dethroned?"

Molly shut Dawson's front door quietly behind her. After Pacey had left and she'd been alone with Joey, she had the odd feeling that she was intruding. So she excused herself and left. Frankly, she was relieved. She had something she *had* to get off her chest. Luckily, Jack was right next door.

She found him sitting outside the house on the porch. She sat beside him with a comforting smile.



"What's goin' on?" she asked.


"Um, Jack, can I tell you something? And even if you say no, I'll probably tell you anyway because I'll just burst if I don't."

"Sure. What is it?"

"Oh, gosh, um...I'm not sure how to say this so I guess I'll just blurt it out. I like Pacey."

"Wait, as in you like him as more than a friend?"

She nodded.

"Uh--you know, Molly, I'm probably not the best person to talk to about this." He stood and walked in the house. "I'll see ya later."

Molly sat bewildered as the door closed.



"I can be honest with you, right?"

"Of course, why?"

Dawson ran his fingers through his hair nervously. "I invited Molly over tonight to make you jealous. But it didn't work at all. She spent the whole evening bickering with Pacey."

"Dawson, what are you talking about?"

"Jo, do you like Pacey?"

"No. In fact, we're barely even friends. What are you so paranoid about?"

"The other night, when you slept over, you were talking in your sleep. And you had a very vocal dream about Pacey."

"Oh. I see. This explains the questions about dreams."


"To tell you the truth, Dawson, I did have a dream about Pacey. But it was not at all erotic. Barely even sensual. Only PG. Nothing more."

"So, do you ever dream"

"Of course. But I had a dream about Kenny once so it doesn't say much. Dawson, dreams come from your subconscious. They aren't controlled by feelings, they're completely random. You have nothing to worry about."


"So, you really wanted to make me jealous, huh?"

"Well, Jo, *I* was jealous. Even suspecting there could be something between you and Pacey drove me crazy."

Joey smiled. She reached over to Dawson and pulled him towards her. She gently planted a kiss on his forehead. As she pulled away, she saw him gazing into her eyes. She looked back. She felt the electricity between them. She could feel it coursing through her body.

"Bye, Dawson," she turned to the window.

"Jo," he called her back. "When I kissed you, why did you run?"

"Well, I still haven't acheived my goal in my quest to find myself, which is the reason we broke up in the first place. And, even more, it felt just like that first kiss we had, the night when I was deciding if I should go to France. And if, sometime, we do get back together, I don't want it to be like that. I want it to be better. I want it to last."

He smiled at her. She smiled back and climbed out the window.

End Part 5
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