Part 2a: Scratch the Surface
by Daizy

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Author's note: Here's where things get complicated. Part 2a and 2b take place at the same time, however there are slight differences. Basically one little thing is going to change Pacey's life forever. I know that lots of P/J fans like to read P/J and P/J only. But I ask that you please read 2a and 2b. This isn't a P/J story really, or a P/A it's an exploration of both. Also, I really really want your feedback on this story in particular. Even if you've written me before. Thanks so much. My email is

"Okay...keys, wallet, jacket, okay. We're all ready to go!" Pacey took a last glance around the store, then shut the door and locked it behind him. He whistled as he walked to the car. He took a long deep breath of the cool evening air. The sun was just starting to set, and it had turned the sky a million shades of pink and orange. Pacey stopped before he got in the car to watch it for a moment longer.

He glanced at his watch and did a double-take. 7? Already? He flew into the car and sped down the road. He turned on the radio and sang along with an old rock song. He was still singing to himself when the traffic report came on.

"There's a wreck just reported on the 8th street exit on the highway."

Pacey sighed in relief. "Phew, just missed that one."

He jaunted happily into the apartment, closing the door, still whistling. He looked around for Joey. He saw the bedroom door was shut. As he got closer he could hear her talking.

"Yea, you're right. But I--I'm not sure if it was a good idea to move in with him. I thought things were good before. I don't feel ready to take our relationship to the next level. I'm so busy. I don't have the time."

Pacey unwittingly dropped his keys. As they hit the ground, the noise shook him and he hurriedly picked them up.

"Hey, Pacey's home. I gotta go...Yea, I love you too. See you soon. Bye."

She opened the door, holding the phone behind her back and was startled to find Pacey standing right there.

"What's going on, Jo?" he asked.

"What're you talking about?" she moved past him and put the phone back in its place.

"Was that Dawson you were talking to?"

She looked back at him with a frustrated stare.


"No, no, don't Pacey me. If you have problems with our relationship, you need to come to me, not Dawson."

"Bite me, Pacey."

"Oh, here we go. Come on, Jo. We're not 15 anymore. I'm trying to talk to you."

"Well, I don't want to talk to you."

"Joey, we obviously have some issues to discuss."

"We've discussed this before. I'm sick of fighting about Dawson. You're just going to have to deal with it, I'm not going to change."

"This isn't about Dawson!" Pacey realized he was yelling and he tried to soften his tone. "This is about us. You seem to have some qualms about us living together."

She stood with her hands on her hips and looked at the clock.

"Pacey, it's 7:30. We need to go."

He bit his lip and looked at the ground. He had no desire to go now.

"Come on," she grabbed her bag and went out the front door.

He reluctantly followed her.

The drive was silent. Unnervingly silent. Pacey turned on the radio hoping to divert his attention somehow. But he wasn't in the mood for any love ballads and he couldn't find anything else. Right now he could use some good 80's guitar rock that went on about how brutal love was. He gave up and left the radio on some spanish station. After his hand returned to the wheel, Joey reached down and changed the station. He glanced at the display. It was the one she always listened to. It was one of those quirks she had that usually enchanted him. After a few minutes, Pacey's attention was grabbed by the opening strains of a familiar song. Their song. Angrily he turned the radio off. Joey glared at him. But neither of them spoke.

As he stepped out of the car, Pacey didn't bother to look at the house or the surrounding woods. It was getting late and he just wanted to go inside and go to sleep. He could hear Joey behind him, closing the trunk. He rang the doorbell, not waiting for her.

Jen answered the door with a big smile, her blonde hair still short. She greeted Pacey with a hug. "Hey, come on in! Everyone else is already here but most of them are getting ready for bed. We didn't know if you two would make it tonight."

"Well, Jo had to work a little late and I promised I'd meet her at 6, but I kind of lost track of time."

"You two have had a long trip, let me take you up to your room." She stopped, realizing Joey was still outside and sensed that there was something between them. "What's up?" she whispered.

"Oh, nothing. We just had a little spat."

"Well, I have you two in one room. Will that be okay? I mean, I can move you."

"No, no it's fine. Jen, it's me and Joey, this happens all the time," he said, trying to pretend that was true. They did fight, but it was usually about things like who would drive or what to do about dinner.

"Alright. Then follow me. Jack!!" she called. Jack appeared behind her and greeted Pacey with a smile and a friendly nod. "Jack, hon, would you help Joey with her things?"

Jack walked past Pacey who didn't bother to look back and check on Joey.

Pacey walked inside and found himself faced with a slender blonde he'd not seen in years.


She turned. "Oh, Pacey, hello," she said casually.

He gave her the once over. She looked incredible. Just the same as always, though time had refined her and her step was elegant, her dress was sophisticated. She was the picture of grace and delicacy.

"Pacey?" Joey called from the doorway. He looked at her. She had an old frumpy sweatshirt on with some holey jeans and boots. She'd dressed down for the drive, but even her step, her demeanor, was nothing like Andie's. He shook himself, ashamed for checking out another woman. He followed Joey upstairs.

Jen showed them into their room and gave them the traditional talk about towels and bathrooms. Pacey immediately dove onto the bed, bouncing playfully. He stretched out and took a look around the room. It was nicely decorated, and had lots of expensive-looking furniture. Despite his bad mood, he smiled at his surroundings. It was a nice place. He'd have to talk to Jen about the Bed and Breakfast.

"Great place, Jen," he said.


"So, the interviews are tomorrow?" Joey asked. She coolly ignored Pacey's comment.

"Yea. I hope this isn't too weird for the two of you," Jen said.

"Weird? Why would it be weird?" Pacey said.

"Well, I mean, it is about your old flames, and..."

"Wait, wait, wait, I thought that we were talking about our romances from school," Pacey said.

"That's right. High school," Jen said.

Joey and Pacey were silent for a second. He could sense her awkwardness.

"So you want me to talk about Dawson?" Joey asked. "And you want Pacey to talk about Andie?" She seemed more upset about the second one.

"Yes..." Jen seemed confused. "What did you guys think I meant?"

"Well, Pacey and I got together in college, and then we broke up, then we got back together last year. I thought you wanted me to talk about that," Joey said.

"Oooohhhh." Jen smiled. "Sorry for the confusion. I hope that's okay."

"No, no, it's fine," Pacey said. "We'll see you tomorrow morning Jen, thanks for your help." He stood at the door, letting her know that she needed to leave. She took the hint immediately and was gone.

End Part 2a
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