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For those of you who are wondering, no my name is not really Daizy. But anonymity is a wonderful thing. However, I'll still give you a few little facts about myself. I love to read About Me pages so I couldn't go without one for my site.

I'm 19 (pretty old for a Creeker, I know) and am going to start my junior year of college in the fall. Where am I going? Ha, that's where the anonymity comes in! I'm studying Biochemistry and am planning on go to Law School in 2 years.

  I got hooked on DC when I came home from school last year (I will tell you that my family lives in Texas, although I'm not originally from there) and my sister was watching 'Pretty Woman.' I haven't missed an episode since then. I admit, at first, I was embarrassed to be watching a show about a bunch of high schoolers when I was already in college. But the thing I love about DC is that it's so real sometimes. Yes, a lot of it is soap opera, but there are moments when I'm sitting there watching and thinking: That's me!
My favorite DC episode was The Dance from season 2. Even though I am a D/J fan and they did break up, I thought the overall episode was excellent. I'm also a P/A fan, and that was a great episode for them.

My favorite DC moment was the end of Full Moon Rising. They completely excelled at pulling off a completely heartwrenching scene.

  I also identified really highly with Joey first season since I've been in love with one of my best friends forever. That was by far the best overall plotline on the show, Joey's struggle with those feelings and her constant denial of them. I was exactly the same way.

You still want to know more? Well....I love to read and write, which is why I went into fan fiction. I've really enjoyed the pieces I've put out so far and writing them is totally fun.

I guess that's all. Well, all I can tell you, anyway. Not like the rest is very interesting.

Anyway, if you liked my fic, please let me know! It's definitely a motivating factor. My email is: daizylee0@hotmail.com Thanks for stopping by!

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